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when many hospitals are

struggling to adapt to the changing health

care landscape, Alice Hyde Medical Center has

experienced a year of growth and success.

At a time when many hospitals are shrinking their

services to remain profitable, Alice Hyde is growing

itself to success. We are expanding access to primary

care providers and outpatient medical services to

better serve the needs of our community. We have

strengthened and improved our medical sta , which

in turn strengthens and improves our medical center.

While we continue to expand and grow our

services, we have also worked tirelessly to reduce

our expenses and manage our costs. To do

both of these things at the same time is

a feat that requires diligent attention

from our managers and employees.

They continue to find ways to deliver

the highest-quality services as

e ciently as possible.

We have made a conscious e ort

to focus on providing patient-centered

care, and we are succeeding

because of the dedication and

compassion of our physicians,

nurses, providers and sta .

We put the patient first

and strive to promote an

environment of dignity,

respect and empathy

above all. You can read

more about our focus on

patient-centered care on

page 6.

In 2014, New York state

announced the process by

which hospitals, including

Alice Hyde, will undertake

a comprehensive transformation of the health care

delivery system. The process promotes community-

level collaborations to implement innovative projects

with the goal of reinventing the way care is provided.

The primary goal is to reduce preventable hospital

use over time and improve overall population health.

Alice Hyde is working on several operational and

capital projects toward these goals. We are working

with other community partners to o er preventive,

rather than reactive care, and to integrate behavioral

and physical health services in a community setting.

This past year, Alice Hyde began a campaign that

is focused on


. We rolled out a fresh, new image

with our employees and our institution at its center.

Why? Because every day, Alice Hyde employees

deliver personal, sophisticated health care to the

people of our community. Our sta is highly

educated and well-trained and provides a level

and scope of health and wellness services that

is generally not available in a community of our

size. Beyond their diplomas and certifications,

it is our sta ’s sense of community and

compassion that is the source

of our strength. Alice Hyde

is a permanent member of

this community, and we are

committed to its health and

well-being. Throughout these

pages, you will see the faces of


, because they are the key

to Alice Hyde Medical Center’s






Douglas F. DiVello, MPH, FACHE, President/CEO