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on 2014, I am struck

by the advancements that Alice Hyde

Medical Center has made. As President of

the medical sta , I am excited to report on

our continued growth.

In 2014, we welcomed 16 new providers,

which has not only expanded our service

o erings but enhanced our medical sta . We

continue to expand our Primary Care Team,

adding two new primary care physicians and

two primary care allied health providers, which

gives our patients more access to care than

ever before. We partnered with CVPH to bring

on four cardiologists, who are now o ering

cardiology services at Alice Hyde allowing our

patients to receive their specialized cardiology

care close to home. We were fortunate also to

recruit new providers in orthopedics, urgent

care, and obstetrics and gynecology, as well

as for our nursing home. We have also added

three new hospitalists, who are providing

excellent care to our patients in the hospital.

The strengthening of our medical sta

contributes to consistent care that our

patients can appreciate and depend on.

In 2014, William Latreille, MD, FACP, was

appointed to the position of Chief Medical

O cer. In this new role, Dr. Latreille will work

closely with the Medical Sta and

Administration on important health

care issues.

We brought on Keri Gardner, MD,

as the new Director of the

Emergency Department. She has

instituted a variety of changes that

have resulted in our Emergency

Department satisfaction scores

improving substantially. You can

read more about these

changes on page 7.

Members of our

medical sta continually

work to expand their

areas of expertise.

Jujhar Sandhu, MD,

primary care

Mordi Rehany, MD


Emile Benardot, MD

Vice President,

Chair, Department

of Female and

Child Health

Bernard Gelbard, MD


Chair, Department

of Surgery

Myrna Sanchez, MD

Chair, Department

of Medicine

Keri Gardner, MD

Chair, Department

of Emergency




Anjni Bhagat, MD

Gerald Cahill, MD


Rajiv Shah, MD


provider, is now board-certified in Geriatric

Medicine, in addition to her board certification

in Internal Medicine. This new certification

acknowledges her advanced training in health

care for elderly people and her commitment

to promoting health and preventing disease in

older adults.

Here at Alice Hyde, we pride ourselves on

being on the forefront of technological change.

In 2014 we invested in a new, state-of-the-art

128-slice CT scanner. This new technology

provides the ability to reduce a patient’s

dose of radiation by up to 50 percent

while providing high-resolution 3-D

images. With this advancement in

technology comes expansion of services.

We are implementing our new CT lung

cancer screening program and are also

proud to o er prostate MRI for evaluation

and detection of prostate cancer.

To learn more, turn to page 8.

2014 proved that Alice

Hyde Medical Center is

continually striving to

bring the highest-

quality care to our

community. I look

forward to further

enhancing our

services in 2015 and

meeting the needs of

the patients we serve.

Medical Executive


Mordi Rehany, MD, Medical Sta President