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2014 Annual Report


Keri Gardner, MD, MPH, FACEP

The Alice Center

Alice Hyde Medical Center continued

construction of our new skilled-care

and assisted-living facility in 2014. The

brand-new facility, The Alice Center is

scheduled to open in April and will be

the first of its kind in the region.

The Alice Center focuses on caring

for the whole person. The new facility

provides advanced skilled nursing and

rehabilitative care while providing

residents with a homelike atmosphere

designed to promote privacy and

dignity. The two-building complex

contains 135 skilled nursing beds and

30 assisted-living beds. The skilled-

nursing facility is divided into six

separate “neighborhoods” that

feature homelike kitchens and dining

rooms, large living rooms, and ample

social spaces. Rooms are either

private or semiprivate and contain

private bathrooms.

We have taken substantial steps to provide the highest

level of patient-focused care in our Emergency Department

(ED). Taking the lead on these changes is the new Director

of our ED, Keri Gardner, MD, MPH, FACEP, board-certified

in Emergency Medicine. After graduating cum laude from

Harvard Medical School, Dr. Gardner joined UCLA for a four-

year Emergency Medicine residency, a two-year fellowship in

Health Services and Quality of Care, and a master’s degree

in Public Health. She has spent much of her career at large

academic hospitals, such as Mount Sinai and UCLA. She

also served as the lead physician at McMurdo Station in

Antarctica. She currently serves as the Director of Quality

and Patient Safety at NES Health, a national health care

organization specializing in creating high-performance

emergency departments.

Dr. Gardner, Debbie Beach, RN, BSN, Nurse Manager of

the ED and our Emergency Department Process Improvement

Team have worked together to streamline processes and

improve communication among team members. This has

resulted in a decrease of 75 percent in the average wait time

to be placed in an exam room and a decrease of 44 percent

in the average wait time to see an ED physician. This has, in

turn, led to the number of patients who leave without being

seen decreasing by 50 percent, meaning that more patients

are being seen faster.

To help us measure the patient experience, the team

instituted a new process for gathering patient surveys in the

ED. Previously, patient satisfaction surveys were mailed to

patients, often arriving at their home up to a month after their

visit. Response rates were often less than 1 percent. Today,

we are using computer tablets at the time of

discharge for patients to fill out the surveys.

Not only have we increased our response

rate to 40 percent, but we are also able to

meet and exceed patient expectations

in real time. If a patient has a specific

issue or need, our Quality Improvement

Department contacts the patient

within 24 to 48 hours of his or her

visit. This technology has been so

successful that we have expanded it

to our inpatient units.

Creating a high-performing ED

ll we do

This recognition shows that Alice

Hyde Medical Practices has the

tools, systems and resources to

provide their patients with the

right care at the right time.